Much of my work involves restoring wood carvings. This can be on interiors, or exteriors and, for example, ships.

I work on commission for museums, churches, restoration studios and private individuals. I carry out restorations in a reversible way as much as possible, using materials that can be removed and with minimal risk of damaging the original part. I take into account that missing parts can be recovered. These can then be returned to their original location.

I pay a lot of attention to technical aspects – to wood type, proper connection and wood thread direction – but also to the style and hand of the maker(s). By following the object in this as closely as possible, a durable result is achieved that comes closest to the original.

Hod1gelijmd1627 Anna Stringer
Hodhalenstaand2954 Anna Stringer

The restoration process is recorded in a document. This includes photos upon entry of the object, photos of the process and of the result. It also describes the materials used with a justification of the materials and the steps taken. I often collaborate with experts, for instance in the field of research or finishing.

Where necessary, I consult specialists. To increase my knowledge, I take courses such as art history, design, wood finishing.