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In search of the visual language of the original

In preparation for the actual work, I went to the museum to measure up, take photos and take over profiles. I made drawings and figured out how the ornaments were constructed. In my studio I made sample pieces, with these I went to the museum again to check if they were right.

Wood carvings for the replica of Van Marum’s electrifying machine

Martinus van Marum, the first director of the Teylers Museum, had a gigantic electrifying machine built in 1784. This machine is still on display at the Teylers Museum. The working replica was made for the museum’s Lorentz lab. I was commissioned to make the carvings for it.


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Working together for the replica

For this commission, I collaborated with a university in Germany. They made the replica of the machine, the leaf edges (mahogany, like the original) and supplied the mould for the table around which I made the leaf edges mitred. All the berries of the lower edge with bay leaves are in the same place as on the original.

I turned the vase on the machine myself. The profiled cover plate under the vase has an egg edge and a leaf profile.

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The result is reconstructed carvings at 90% of the original size of the large Electrifying Machine. For more photos and more information, visit this page of the Teylers Museum website.

Client: Teylers Museum and the German company Histex, specialist in working replicas from the
history of science.

Assignment: manufacture of the carvings for the replica of the large electrifying machine.

Year: 2016-2017

Details: Given the space available, the machine had to be replicated at 90% of the original size and also had to work. This was exciting until the last moment, as the king came to open the Lorentz Lab.