Overlight for former fisherman’s house in Enkhuizen

A former fisherman’s house stands on the Oude Haven in Enkhuizen. The residents wanted to have a dove applied to the skylight as a kind of family crest and a clover as a reference to their family names.

1a.Stringerblstraat Anna Stringer
1A.Stringerbovenlicht Anna Stringer

A pigeon just before landing on a bollard

Based on a sketch by the residents, I have created a design for a dove just before landing on a bollard. The coat of arms of Enkhuizen is displayed on the bollard.

Glued wood as a carrier for the dove

I glued the wood and then applied the drawing on it. So that the dove has, as it were, merged into the wood.

3A.Stringernogplanken Anna Stringer
4A.Stringerraamvogellichter Anna Stringer



The result is an overhead light where the pigeon, as it were, splashes out.

Client: private individual

Assignment: ‘Family coat of arms’ for the top light

Year: 2020

Details: Design created on existing window