I am a sculpture and ornament carver. This is one of the terms used for my craft in the 17th century. That era is my great inspiration. After my training in furniture making, I was apprenticed to Cees van Soestbergen, master sculpture and ornament carver in Amsterdam. Since 2009, I have had my own studio at Staaleversgracht 1 in the centre of Enkhuizen.

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Besides restoration and reconstruction of wood carvings, I also create new work, either to my own design or to the client’s design. This is often done in close consultation. Moreover, I often work together with a furniture maker.

My clients are museums, restoration studios, churches and private individuals. They come from all over the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

For me, the variation in my work is what I love about my profession: from restoration, reconstruction, traditional-style work to innovative work.

For me, the basis is always craftsmanship. By this I mean craftsmanship, pure in style, with logical shapes and flowing lines. And also work that is well-constructed, taking into account the properties of the material, such as the direction of the grain, and thinking about the choice of wood species. All in all: a combination of working with hands and head.

A special project for me is the walnut cradle I made for my daughter’s birth.

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