Oak hearth beam for a national monument

In a farmhouse (national monument), the owner had a fireplace installed in the kitchen. Above it, he wanted an oak fireplace beam with farmhouse motifs.

Haardwerkbank 1696 Anna Stringer
Haardaanhetwerk 2366 Anna Stringer

The village, time and farm as elements

The desire was to give an impression of the village coat of arms, the year the fireplace was built and possibly the animals of and around the farm.

Wood prepared for a classic look

Before that, I coloured the wood with linseed oil and ammonia and then waxed it. For the finish, I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and water.

Haarddetail 2369 Anna Stringer
Haardbalklein2 Anna Stringer


The result is a fireplace beam with an old look

Client: private person

Assignment: fireplace beam

Year: 2015

Details: A good finish is important, not only for preserving and protecting the wood, but also for its appearance. The finish can give extra depth, a warmer look, an old look, more or less shine, all considerations.