Restoration of Minerva and Concordia statues

Minerva (wisdom) and Concordia (unity) were on the facade of the Hodshon house on the Spaarne in Haarlem. This was built in 1794 for Catharina Cornelia (“Keetje”) Hodshon by Amsterdam city architect Abraham van der Hart. In the 1980s, the statues were replaced by replicas. The originals were recovered from the General Cemetery in Haarlem. I received them soaking wet, they were covered in moss and were pretty rotten. It was up to me to restore them to their former state as much as possible.

Hodbegraafplaats09257 Anna Stringer
Hod1gelijmd1627 Anna Stringer

Determining the type of wood used

After drying, I first determined the type of wood. This was pine. Then I cleaned the sculptures, glued the broken parts and made the missing parts from new wood.

Preserving as much of the original sculpture as possible

I took away as little of the original carving as possible when fitting new pieces of wood. The new wood was selected for wood direction and wood density as much as possible. I chose modern glue, because otherwise too little strength could be obtained.

Hodvleugels 2757 Anna Stringer
Hodhalenstaand2954 Anna Stringer


The restored Eendracht while being retrieved from my studio. The sculptures now stand in the entrance hall of Hodshon House.

Client: Hendrick de Keyser Association

Commission: Restoration of the sculptures Wisdom and Elegance

Year: 2010-2012

Details: The sculptures were restored to indoor quality. Their condition was too fragile to put them back outside on the roof.