Hand in oak – Plaster casts

I carved the oak hand when I was at my teacher Cees van Soestbergen’s workshop. Hands are a good object of study, as they are not easy to make properly. The white hands are plaster casts.

handenDSC9978 Anna Stringer
Gapergrijs Anna Stringer

Gaper with a toothache

A gaper used to serve as a signboard for pharmacists. But I made this gaper with a toothache for a dentist.

Portrait in clay

My inspiration is 17th-century wood carvings and sculptures. At that time, often before the actual sculpture in wood or marble, a model was first made in clay. I wanted to master this working with clay too and made this portrait for that purpose.

Simondubbel Anna Stringer
neuzen 9848 Anna Stringer

Two noses (20 cm high), carved from one piece of wood

The noses are copies of the nose of Medusa on Minerva’s shield in Hodshon House. They were gifts for two jubilees.