Walnut cradle of my own design

In 2012, I was pregnant with my first daughter. I wanted to make a special cradle for her. This is the walnut I used as a template.

Wiegwalnoo0317 1 Anna Stringer
Wieglijm 0004 Anna Stringer

The rings of the wood layers symbolise new life

First, I drew out the cradle in full size, then made large ‘rings’ out of wood and glued them together.

Multiple births while making that one cot

I worked on it until the last day before I gave birth. Unfortunately, it was not ready then and the bathroom had to be finished too! When the second was due in 2019, I continued working on it. She slept comfortably in it!

WiegAnna 3219 Anna Stringer
wiegstudolDSC0220 Anna Stringer


See the result here. I designed the stand myself. They are parts of circles, made of laminated elm wood.

Do you like it and are you also expecting family expansion? I would be happy to make a walnut cradle for you too. You can also rent the walnut cradle. Click here for more information.