Reconstruction of lost fragments of painting frames

Reconstruction of lost fragments of painting frames
Three original 17th-century painting frames of portraits by Ferdinand Bol and Jan Mijtens had to be restored. They were so-called trophy frames. The frame restorers approached me to reconstruct the lost parts.

Mauritishuis Museum 1822 Koninklijk Kabinet van Schilderijen Mauritshuis in Den Haag Niederlande Foto Wolfgang Pehlemann IMG 1226 Anna Stringer
Mauritstekening9559 Anna Stringer

Historical photographs and old pictures

For the reconstruction, I used historical photos and old images and made drawings based on the frames themselves.

The fragile frames were processed on site

The frames were not allowed to be moved, so I worked on site. To cause as little damage to the frames as possible, I first applied pieces of balsa wood (very soft wood) to fracture surfaces, then pieces of basswood and cut them into shapes along the lines of the surrounding carving.

1Mauhandenkleur Anna Stringer
2Mautrofeeenlijs met grijs Anna Stringer


One of three restored frames.

Client: The Mauritshuis in The Hague

Assignment: reconstruction of lost fragments as part of the restoration of original painting frames from the 17th century.

Year: 2014

Details: Execution on location